My Facebook Got Disabled

Issue # 74 My Facebook got disabled on January 18, 2021 really for no reason. I use Facebook to spread positivity in a dark world, to uplift the people that need encouragement & all of the sudden, my account got disabled. I also use my account to keep up with friends & family, and I … Read more

Hacked and disabled

Woke up this morning to a text from Facebook at 3am that someone was attempting to enter my account. I had the two way indentifier on but it didn’t matter. I can see their email included with my email. I’ve tried every thing listed under the poor excuse for a help center and nothing works. … Read more

FB disabled no reason given no appeal offered

I THINK that my FB account was disabled because I doctored my page as a protrump/qanon page… for APRIL FOOLS DAY. Anyone who took a few seconds to glace at my timeline would see that I was a pretty left-of-the-road progressive with a hatred for fake news. I was asked for my ID on 4/2/21 … Read more

Error while downloading information from disabled account

My account had disabled without any warning. Even after I submitted the review they said I didn’t submit it. But there was no way to submit a review again. After I realizing, I won’t get it back, I tried to download my information, but it was also not working.

my account was hacked

my account was hacked july 2nd at about 5 am when i was sleeping and by the time i woke up the email facebook sent me had expired , the hacker changed the recovery email and my password , luckily looks like so far that he didn’t touch anything else but account was disabled after … Read more

Account disabled within a minute

I tried to warn an ex group member about a certain group called “Astrology Academy” of Natalia C. Goode (Fake name, has more than 3 accounts). I said to that member that their group are for lefties and they can’t do dealing with criticism. Their truth should be your truth, kinda thing. Goode flagged me … Read more