Hacked account, 2FA, no help

My account was hacked in the middle of the night on 6/29. The hacker turned on 2FA so all my attempts to log in were met with this obstacle. I used the appropriate FB form to verify myself which included a pic of my state issued ID. Facebook did send me a link to confirm who I was and I was able to change my password, however, the 2FA was STILL in place at the end of my verification so it was basically useless. Also, I was given another message that said I was possibly not old enough to be on FB! I read the FB forums and saw another person had this happen as well. I’m at my wits end about what to do now. I just want to get back in, download the 15 years of pics/vids and be done with FB. I also have anxiety about what the hackers are doing with my info.
Further, this event coincided with the new alarming “report your friends for extremism” BS that FB has rolled out so….there’s that. Is it connected? IDK

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