Account I use for my small business was hacked & info changed

My account was hacked. The hackers act fast- I noticed the email notification that my info was updated 12 minutes after it was sent. By then, all my account’s info had been changed & I could not recover it. It’s been extremely frustrating as there are literally no publicly accessible ways to get human support. … Read more

Hacked and still can’t get back in

Account was compromised, was able to get my email added back to my account and change the password but the hacker turned on 2FA and no one seems to work at facebook but bots/AI so I can’t actually get into my account.

Hacked account, 2FA, no help

My account was hacked in the middle of the night on 6/29. The hacker turned on 2FA so all my attempts to log in were met with this obstacle. I used the appropriate FB form to verify myself which included a pic of my state issued ID. Facebook did send me a link to confirm … Read more