Changed the “Reddit” link in the Social Media menu so that it points to page that lists all relevant subreddits, so that visitors have a wider choice of resources.


Created a new “Getting Started” series, and added a link to the main navigation.

Updates – July 25, 2021

●Cleaned up the list of series, so that only the featured questions will be shown. Tagged older posts with the Facebook categories, and added a filtered link to the menu so that visitors will be able to easily view stories related to Facebook (right now, all of them) ●Added a description to the first question, … Read more

New “Bugs” listing on Website

I just added a new post type called “Bugs” which will make it easier to publish information about bugs that are being reported on Reddit, Twitter, or elsewhere. I can also summarize some of the issues that have been submitted to me via the form. These will be written in a slightly different format, so … Read more


Moved the Changelog to the site Streamlined the main navigation a bit Added an “About the Site” page


Renamed the “Reddit’ Channel in discord to “r-facebookissues.” Channel will contain a feed of posts from /r/facebookissues Posted a new blog post on gazerbeam.com. Cleared tickets in Human Support Freshdesk site. Reviewed Facebook disabled me form for submissions (there were none) Updated the visibility levels of /r/gazerbeam_queue. Added a link to the Editorial table to … Read more


Added link to Github Issues under “Get Involved.” Created /r/gazerbeam_queue for submitted articles Added writer to site