Message sent to FTC

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On or just prior to June 1, my account on Facebook was intruded upon by an individual who then altered the images for the header of a business page that I maintain. This resulted in the immediate disabling of my FB account, and issue that I’ve been trying to reverse since then. As soon as … Read more

My Message to NPR

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Note: This is the news story suggestion that I shared with NPR which describes the account issues that many Facebook users have been experiencing. Almost a month ago, I woke up to discover that not only had someone used my credentials to change the profile and header images on a page that I manage, but … Read more

Let’s give Facebook a wake up call

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Since posting my last message stating that we should make July 23 the day that we raise up the issues we’ve been seeing with Facebook, I have been reflecting a bit on what that day should be about. Some have asked if people should quit Facebook on the twenty-third. Everybody has the choice of keeping … Read more