Castaway, Episode 1

Check out the premiere episode of a new podcast called “Castaway.” In this episode, I’ll share some of my thoughts about Facebook and talk about my own story. In future episodes, I hope to include more hosts, special guests, and incorporate interaction with a live audience.

3 thoughts on “Castaway, Episode 1

  1. Yeah FB is really playing with our accounts. I also lost access to my 2 pages and 2 groups. I won’t try the Oculus route because fb won’t give your account through that method if u have violations. I tried that method of Data Policy and responded to that email of them. I hope that I’ll hear something from them. If not, I’ll wait for a year to use a free FB account from the web on a new device, join groups with a fake name and later I’ll change it to my name. Maybe that method is the only way for me to use FB with my real name, that time FB has already deleted my ID.

  2. I think that best thing we can do is try everything we can think of to reach out to Facebook. Our best hope is to reach somebody with the company who has enough compassion to do someone a favor.

  3. Interesting podcast, thank you! From a technical standpoint, I noticed that the introductory and concluding music is much louder than the spoken portion… maybe you could equalize them for the next episode?

    Jon, have you tried reaching out to your contact at NPR, to find out who they contacted at Facebook? That might give you access to an actual human employee rather than a program.

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