Incident Tracking

Account disabled with no explanationTwitter6/8/2021 5:59pm
FB Account Disabled after being reported for copyright infringementUser was initially restricted for 3 days, and then after 2 days was shown an additional message stating that their account was temporarily unavailable.Accounted Disabled/Locked outReddit6/27/2021 11:38am
Account was disabledAccounted Disabled/Locked outReddit6/27/2021 12:39pm
Error while logging in from android deviceUnknown error when attempting to log into fb account from android deviceOtherReddit6/27/2021 1:50pm
Deactivated account reactivated by hackerHackedReddit6/27/2021 3:44pm
Continue button is disabledOtherReddit6/27/2021 3:46pm
Banned from market place and waiting for reviewBanned/RestrictedReddit6/27/2021 3:48pm
Account taken over by Russian hackerHackedReddit6/27/2021 3:50pm
Profiles being impersonatedHackedReddit6/27/2021 3:53pm
Account will be disabledOtherReddit6/27/2021 3:54pm
Banned from facebook, then messenger, then banned for memeBanned/RestrictedReddit6/27/2021 5:29pm
Facebook account disabled for no reasonAccounted Disabled/Locked outReddit6/27/2021 5:32pm
FB disables new account when user tries to create business pageAccounted Disabled/Locked outReddit6/27/2021 6:12pm
Account taken over by HackerHackedReddit6/27/2021 8:15pm
Account taken over by HackerHackedReddit6/27/2021 8:20pm
Facebook disabled my dad's advertising account and won't let him appeal because of identity confirmation issues. But his identity, tax ID, political disclaimers, and address have all been fully verified already.Accounted Disabled/Locked outReddit6/27/2021 8:38pm
Attempts to verify account ownership failAccounted Disabled/Locked outReddit6/27/2021 9:48pm
Account disabled for 35 daysAccount SuspendedReddit6/28/2021 7:12am
Account disabledAccounted Disabled/Locked outTwitter6/28/2021 6:53pm
Restricted several times, now disabledAccounted Disabled/Locked outOther6/28/2021 7:15pm
Account DisabledAccounted Disabled/Locked outOther6/28/2021 7:17pm
Being harassed by bully via mock group on FacebookThis page "Adam's Succulent Stash of Corn and Memes" was created by a man named Jason French. He created the page to bully me because he was mad that my friend banned him from MY group "Adam's Succulent Corn" which I have since left the group hoping he would stop. He didn't. He will post memes of me and my dead grandfather and spread lies about me when he barely even knows me. Never met him in person. I've gone to the police over this and have reported the page and the content countless times and it's been going on for 3 months now. He's using a photo of me from 2012. He deletes the posts then just keeps making new ones. My friends and family have asked him to stop numerous times and all he does is try to cause drama with themBullyingFreshdesk6/28/2021 7:19pm
Attempted to recover hacked account, but recovery failed and is now locked out of accountHackedReddit6/28/2021 9:45pm
Account SuspendedAccount SuspendedReddit6/28/2021 10:00pm
Switched phones, and don't have a way to authenticateAccounted Disabled/Locked outReddit6/28/2021 10:02pm
Account was hacked and email address had changed. Submitted verification of ID but no response from FacebookHackedReddit6/28/2021 10:07pm
Hacker changed password and enabled 2faHackedReddit6/28/2021 10:26pm
Account Randomly disabled without explanationAccounted Disabled/Locked outReddit6/28/2021 10:28pm
Facebook logged user out on all devices, can not log back in on Android because they can not access FB code generatorAccounted Disabled/Locked outReddit6/28/2021 10:31pm
Account was hacked, unable to recover accountHackedReddit6/30/2021 6:52pm
Attacked by hacker and locked out of accountHackedReddit6/30/2021 6:54pm
Account attacked by hackerHackedReddit6/30/2021 7:02pm
Banned three times for 30 days for posts; third ban is for a post made a year agoBanned/RestrictedReddit6/30/2021 7:11pm
Photo posted five years ago was flagged by FacebookPost flagged/Taken downReddit6/30/2021 8:02pm
Facebook account was banned, process for unlocking account failedBanned/RestrictedReddit6/30/2021 8:23pm
Restricted from joining newly established groupsBanned/RestrictedReddit6/30/2021 8:28pm
Facebook account was hackedHackedReddit6/30/2021 8:31pm
Facebook account disabledAccounted Disabled/Locked outReddit6/30/2021 8:33pm
Facebook account locked for inappropriate postAccounted Disabled/Locked outReddit6/30/2021 8:35pm
Scammers have listed a house as for sale which was already purchasedOtherReddit6/30/2021 8:36pm
Comment with correct information was removed, false information was left alone and OP is in danger of being bannedPost flagged/Taken downReddit6/30/2021 8:39pm
Comment flagged for violating community guidelinesPost flagged/Taken downReddit6/30/2021 9:52pm
Facebook said that the account would be locked for 72 hours, but this was 15 days ago and attempts to unlock have failedAccounted Disabled/Locked outFreshdesk6/30/2021 10:20pm
Personal Account was hacked, 2FA foiled HackedReddit7/1/2021 8:39pm
Account locked by Facebook, no way to verify ID via SMSAccounted Disabled/Locked outReddit7/4/2021 10:20am
Locked out of account for spamAccounted Disabled/Locked outReddit7/4/2021 10:23am
Banned for 30 days for calling someone "white trash"Banned/RestrictedReddit7/4/2021 10:37am
Friends account was hacked and is damaging them financiallyHackedReddit7/4/2021 12:17pm
Account hacked, 2FA defeated by hacker, ID Verification didn't workHackedReddit7/4/2021 5:42pm
Flagging of post was reversed, then Facebook banned user from posting for 30 daysBanned/RestrictedReddit7/5/2021 7:25pm
Hacked account, 2FA, no helpMy account was hacked in the middle of the night on 6/29. The hacker turned on 2FA so all my attempts to log in were met with this obstacle. I used the appropriate FB form to verify myself which included a pic of my state issued ID. Facebook did send me a link to confirm who I was and I was able to change my password, however, the 2FA was STILL in place at the end of my verification so it was basically useless. Also, I was given another message that said I was possibly not old enough to be on FB! I read the FB forums and saw another person had this happen as well. I'm at my wits end about what to do now. I just want to get back in, download the 15 years of pics/vids and be done with FB. I also have anxiety about what the hackers are doing with my info.
Further, this event coincided with the new alarming "report your friends for extremism" BS that FB has rolled out so....there's that. Is it connected? IDK
HackedOnline FormJune 29, 20217/6/2021 12:26pm
Hacked and still can't get back inAccount was compromised, was able to get my email added back to my account and change the password but the hacker turned on 2FA and no one seems to work at facebook but bots/AI so I can't actually get into my account.HackedOnline FormJuly 1, 20217/6/2021 1:21pm
Account I use for my small business was hacked & info changedMy account was hacked. The hackers act fast- I noticed the email notification that my info was updated 12 minutes after it was sent. By then, all my account's info had been changed & I could not recover it.

It's been extremely frustrating as there are literally no publicly accessible ways to get human support. The automated tools do not work when your associated email has changed.

Since this incident, I have been unable to access my business or personal page. I've tried everything I could think of- even sending out dozens of messages to Facebook employees on LinkedIn. Nothing has worked.
HackedOnline FormJune 30, 20217/6/2021 2:39pm
My account was hacked and Facebook disabled my accountI was hacked and Facebook disabled all my accounts. There is no way that I can get to Facebook
HackedOnline FormSeptember 20, 20207/6/2021 7:17pm
Facebook account hacked and disabled because hacked created some illegal content pagesI spent 10 years building a group for runners with 89K memebers, the group was my life and a not for profit activity it has been taken over by the hackersHackedOnline FormJune 6, 20217/6/2021 8:05pm
Account disabled within a minuteI tried to warn an ex group member about a certain group called "Astrology Academy" of Natalia C. Goode (Fake name, has more than 3 accounts).
I said to that member that their group are for lefties and they can't do dealing with criticism. Their truth should be your truth, kinda thing. Goode flagged me multiple times and the next day the email came. After sending my ID, my account was permanently banned.
Accounted Disabled/Locked outOnline FormJune 25, 20217/6/2021 8:19pm
my account was hackedmy account was hacked july 2nd at about 5 am when i was sleeping and by the time i woke up the email facebook sent me had expired , the hacker changed the recovery email and my password , luckily looks like so far that he didn't touch anything else but account was disabled after i submitted it was hacked . today i did get two automated messages from fb and did try submitting my birth certificate to two of the forms that allow a user to submit screenshots and other photos which one reddit user said worked for them and the screenshots i sent clearly show my name and my email and my profile pic so hopefully this helps me get my account back that i've had since 2008 HackedOnline FormJuly 2, 20217/7/2021 1:46am
Error while downloading information from disabled accountMy account had disabled without any warning. Even after I submitted the review they said I didn't submit it. But there was no way to submit a review again. After I realizing, I won't get it back, I tried to download my information, but it was also not working.Accounted Disabled/Locked outOnline FormMay 16, 20217/7/2021 2:55pm
FB disabled no reason given no appeal offeredI THINK that my FB account was disabled because I doctored my page as a protrump/qanon page... for APRIL FOOLS DAY. Anyone who took a few seconds to glace at my timeline would see that I was a pretty left-of-the-road progressive with a hatred for fake news. I was asked for my ID on 4/2/21 (while I was re-branding my page with a green energy/pro-vacc theme) and after suppling it I was banned permanently about 10 minutes later and was not given an option to appeal.Banned/RestrictedOnline FormApril 2, 20217/7/2021 4:43pm
Hacked and disabledWoke up this morning to a text from Facebook at 3am that someone was attempting to enter my account. I had the two way indentifier on but it didn’t matter. I can see their email included with my email. I’ve tried every thing listed under the poor excuse for a help center and nothing works. It won’t even accept my forms of ID to identify myself. I’ve had my account since Facebook first came out and you needed a .edu email to join, over 12 years of posting, memories, and pictures are currently gone.HackedOnline FormJuly 7, 20217/7/2021 6:27pm
Facebook disabled my FB and IG on 7/4. Help!My facebook was disabled on 7/4 because “something you shared contains child nudity or sexual exploitation”. I obviously did not do this, but now I have 30 days to appeal or my Facebook and Instagram are permanently disabled. The appeal form never submits past the point where I provide my driver’s license, it say sI need to sign into facebook to confirm my identity, but I cannot sign in because “Too Many SMS codes.
You have requested too many SMS codes. You must wait 24 hours to receive another.”. I don’t know what to do. There are no numbers for customer service, no emails to contact for support. I am very worried. Please help!
Accounted Disabled/Locked outOnline FormJuly 4, 20217/7/2021 9:28pm
HackedWas hacked and 3rd party authentication enabled, I managed to get Facebook to verify my ID and add my backup email to my account so I’ve been able to change my password. But I can’t get past the 3rd party authentication to gain access. I’ve used oculus support and various other means of asking for help. I was also ghosted by security.facebook email address as they asked me for my ID and info but never responded back it’s been 9 days since they emailed me and I responded with the requested info. (I did google search to make sure it was a valid email addy) June 27th was when I was hacked. I’ve probably requested help about 20 or so times now through various forms or methods. I have some holiday time off soon and now that the pandemic is coming to an end (hopefully) I’m debating flying down to SF and doing a camp out on the front lawn of FB headquarters as well as Videoing my journey and posting it on YouTube. I have the means so why not. (I live in Canada) west coast. HackedOnline FormJune 27, 20217/7/2021 11:05pm
Account locked due to spamBanned/RestrictedReddit7/8/2021 6:54am
Disabled Facebook account.Good afternoon.
My Facebook and Instagram account was disabled almost a year ago. The reason is that i go against their community but i did nothing. However, then i was trying to submit appeals and requests review, but unfortunately i was unable to do that, all the time till today its popping up this message:
"We Can’t Review the Decision to Disable Your Account
We have fewer reviewers available due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic so we can’t review this decision right now." I also try to contact Facebook on all available emails but i didn't get respond on that, i also try to download my data but i can't, i follow steps how to request download on my data, and by the way i was mentioned my problem, and on the emails what i get there was help for NOTHING. I Also try on Portal support and they try to reach Facebook but also even they don't get any answer...

Accounted Disabled/Locked outOnline FormAugust 1, 20207/8/2021 7:30am
Account mistakenly flagged under ageOn July 21st 2020 Facebook locked my account for no reason when I tried to go on I get this message saying login error so I was logged out and then I tried to log in and I get this message saying that your Facebook account has been locked. So I tried to contact Facebook about this but I haven’t even got a single reply. So I had to create a new account until I can get my old account back and then on August 2nd early that morning one of my Facebook friends message me saying that my account isn’t on Facebook anymore so I tried to log in and I get this message saying that your account has been disabled for being under 13. I was furious that Facebook would disabled accounts or flagged them under age even if that account is over 13 so since that day I have been dealing with feeling lost and hopeless that Facebook would disabled accounts like that.Accounted Disabled/Locked outOnline FormJuly 21, 20207/8/2021 7:49am
Disabled Facebook accountMy account was disabled on July 7th 2021 I have not violate community standards. I believe it was disabled mistakenlyAccounted Disabled/Locked outOnline FormJuly 7, 20217/8/2021 4:42pm
Account Disabled for no reasonI woke up one morning to find that my account had been disabled and Facebook was asking for my id stating that if it was discovered that I was under 13, my account would be permanently. I'm in my 30s and have had my account since around 2009 so I'm definitely over 13. I sent in my driver's license (I'm in Ireland and its standard government issued). A day or 2 later I got a message to say my id was accepted and my account was open. Immediately after (within a minute, I didn't even have time to log in) I was told it was disabled again and to send in my id. I did so immediately.

The next morning I tried logging in and my account was permanently disabled. It said that I had violated their terms. I can't understand how I could have as I rarely post other than to wish people happy birthday or congratulations for weddings/pregnancies. I mostly use messenger to talk to close friends and family.

I've have been emailing Facebook every few days since but I've yet to receive a response

Accounted Disabled/Locked outOnline FormJune 21, 20217/9/2021 10:41am
We Received Your Information Thank you for sending your information. We have fewer people available to review information due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This means we may be unable to review your account. We apologize for any account was disabled tired everything that fb asked me provide still account was disabled.. i am frustrate i am totally depend on it please restore my account as soon as
Accounted Disabled/Locked outOnline FormMay 14, 20217/10/2021 12:09pm
hacked account and cannot get past 2FAOn 4/20/21 account was hacked. Was able to get a code to change password and email addy, of which I get notifications on the new email, but cannot access my account due to the 2FA required code, which I cannot access. I have gone through the process of submitting my Passport, having it approved, and receiving a new code dozens of times to no avail since a 2FA code is required. It is now going on 3 months and no answer to this issue. I need help.HackedOnline FormApril 20, 20217/12/2021 10:45pm
Locked outPwd was changed at 2am while I was asleep - recovery attempts result in an endless loop or dead - end failure.Accounted Disabled/Locked outOnline FormJanuary 20, 20217/13/2021 9:13pm
HackedMy situation is most alike the second scenario posted on The Story article.

The other scenario involves hackers. Someone will gain access to a person’s account, and then change contact information in their account which is critical to the 2FA or password reset process. For example, they might change the phone number or email address, or both, so that when the owner of the account tries to reset their password or verify their identity, they can’t because the confirmation email message is now going to a different destination.

Received a text message at 6am on 7/15 to verify my account. Later realized that my account had been hacked. 2 emails are now added on accounts with 1 old one still remaining. Have submitted ID to Facebook and unable to receive a response. 2FA is now set up and unable to get past. Codes are not being sent to my phone.
HackedOnline FormJuly 15, 20217/15/2021 7:58pm
Facebook AI Wrongfully Disabled my Account, No Review done despite Submitting an AppealI'm a Facebook user from India. I have been an account holder since 2010. My Facebook account was randomly disabled on May 25th 2021. No review done so far although I submitted an appeal with photo ID proof and on June 3rd, even received an automated acknowledgement mail which stated that someone from Facebook will review my account and get with an update. Now my account is completely inaccessible because it wasn't reviewed within the 30 day period. I did not violate community standards. My account was mistakenly disabled by Facebook's AI algorithm. I tried using the Facebook Help Centre too, but got no assistance from there . Wrote numerous emails to Facebook, but they all went unanswered. Like thousands of other users caught in a similar situation, I am unable to reach Facebook Support directly. Hence, writing to you here. I even bought a device from Oculus, a company owned by Facebook and they initially assured me that my case will be forwarded to Facebook (one needs to have an active FB account to be able to use an Oculus device), but it's been over two weeks and they have not been able to give any update or resolution. I am still on hold with Oculus Support. I cannot afford to lose my Facebook account with all my precious data - my photographs taken over the years and my contact list. I need my Facebook account re-enabled.

I have been trying to get assistance through Twitter and here's the url links for my Twitter handle which is full of Tweets about #facebookdisabledme

Accounted Disabled/Locked outOnline FormMay 25, 20217/18/2021 4:55am
Facebook disabled my account within one minute after sending my IDMy comments/posts got multiple times autoflagged by Facebook AI, even when it was 6 months old content. I couldn't even ask for a review when my content didn't go against their Terms of Violations. One day, a fake account by the name Natalia C. Goode, decided to flag me with her multiple fake accounts like Scarlett Maximoff Sanderson and Milia R Trae on 24 June 2021. I immediately got an email from Facebook about them telling me that I need to send them my Identifcation Card, very funny, that they didn't ask the person that flagged me. After one minute after sending my ID, my account got immedialety disabled. I can't contact facebook support, also I can't fill their other forms of getting an account back. Multiple people like me on the discord group, lost their accounts without review. After a month, I also lost access to my Facebook page and groups. Accounted Disabled/Locked outOnline FormJune 25, 20217/18/2021 10:47am
My Facebook Got DisabledMy Facebook got disabled on January 18, 2021 really for no reason. I use Facebook to spread positivity in a dark world, to uplift the people that need encouragement & all of the sudden, my account got disabled. I also use my account to keep up with friends & family, and I got pictures of my late father on there & pictures from high school & it all disappeared in the blink of an eye. I need my account back.Accounted Disabled/Locked outOnline FormJanuary 18, 20217/18/2021 10:49am