New Facebook account disabled for violating community standards

“I’m trying to create Facebook account, but it’s immediately disabled for ‘violating community standards,’” writes u/hasfrsdges on /r/facebook. “Even though literally the only thing I’ve done is create the account.” The user goes on to explain that they have had two Facebook accounts in the past, one was deleted in 2010, and another that they … Read more

Castaway, Episode 1

Check out the premiere episode of a new podcast called “Castaway.” In this episode, I’ll share some of my thoughts about Facebook and talk about my own story. In future episodes, I hope to include more hosts, special guests, and incorporate interaction with a live audience.

Facebook has an identity crisis

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series What is Facebook?

Social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and others, all grew in popularity because of their innovation, convenience, and “fun” factor. Facebook, specifically, took the concept of the blog and somehow made it smaller. Instead of sharing a long string of thoughts, you were sharing a single thought or idea. People weren’t thinking about the … Read more

Let’s give Facebook a wake up call

Since posting my last message stating that we should make July 23 the day that we raise up the issues we’ve been seeing with Facebook, I have been reflecting a bit on what that day should be about. Some have asked if people should quit Facebook on the twenty-third. Everybody has the choice of keeping … Read more

Bread and Butter

The owner of the blog Raising Whasians tweeted an interesting message they received from Facebook a few days ago. Their business page had been restricted by Facebook, and when they appealed this was the response: Just a quick recap, you’ve reached out to us about your Facebook page. As discussed, we regret to inform you … Read more

Message sent to FTC

On or just prior to June 1, my account on Facebook was intruded upon by an individual who then altered the images for the header of a business page that I maintain. This resulted in the immediate disabling of my FB account, and issue that I’ve been trying to reverse since then. As soon as … Read more

Share your Facebook issue with NPR

Tonight I found a link for a form that people can use to submit their story ideas to NPR. I am going to be submitting a summary of my experience with Facebook, and I suggest that others do the same. Even if they do not follow up on our specific stories, this might inspire them … Read more