New Facebook account disabled for violating community standards

“I’m trying to create Facebook account, but it’s immediately disabled for ‘violating community standards,’” writes u/hasfrsdges on /r/facebook. “Even though literally the only thing I’ve done is create the account.”

The user goes on to explain that they have had two Facebook accounts in the past, one was deleted in 2010, and another that they needed for work was deleted in 2013. They state that they never violated Facebook’s community standards when they used their old accounts.

The one piece of advice that I thought of, is that they may want to search on Facebook to see if they can find accounts with their same name. Perhaps they are being flagged by Facebook accidentally because they have a common name. Or, perhaps something has happened with their old accounts without their knowledge.

It is almost scary how efficient Facebook is at blocking people from creating a new account. I know that they have policies against people creating duplicate accounts, but it seems to me that if someone deletes their account on Facebook–an action that their system supports–then it should be super easy for them to return if they choose to do so. In fact, I would think that the one thing Facebook would want the process for returning to their platform to be so simple, given that they are monetizing their users’ accounts.

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