Let’s Make July 23 “Facebook Day”

Let’s make Friday, July 23 the day that everybody makes a huge push to try to get our accounts back. This means posting a description of our issues with Facebook as well as sharing the stories of others on Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms.

Let’s also spark discussions about Facebook as a company, its role in society, and what the loss of our accounts has meant in our lives. I’d also like to encourage best practices and safety tips for Facebook users to follow in case something similar happens to them.

Anybody who is interested in helping is encouraged to join the /r/Return2Facebook subreddit where we will be coordinating efforts. I’ll also be sharing content via my website http://www.gazerbeam.com. Posts can be tagged with #facebookdisabledme and #return2facebook.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Make July 23 “Facebook Day”

  1. It might be more useful to change the campaign topic to #FacebookDisabledMe day. Only promoting it as “Facebook Day” may not hit the nail on the head. That’s my perspective.

    1. That’s valid, but I wanted it to encompass more than just our current issues with Facebook (accounts being banned, disabled, etc) so that it attracts the attention of users who still have access. I have thought of “Facebook awareness,” although that might be a little over board it captures the feel I am going for. The discussions should be a little bit like fire safety, people need to pay attention whether or not they’ve experienced a house fire.

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