NPR piece examines Facebook account issues

Today, one of the stories featured on NPR’s All Things Considered addressed the account issues that Facebook users are experiencing. The story, which has an accompanying written version, exposed the experiences of several Facebook users who had discovered that their accounts had been hacked, and struggled to get in contact with the company’s user support system.

The story also covers a common solution which involves purchasing an Oculus just to be able to use its serial number to reach Facebook’s user support via Oculus’ user support, and then returning the device to the store when finished.

This is just one of many media news stories which have in recent weeks focused on some of the issues users are experiencing with Facebook.

One thought on “NPR piece examines Facebook account issues

  1. Congrats on being quoted in the article! I’m glad that Facebook agreed to give you another chance to appeal. Has an actual human being from Facebook contacted you yet?

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