Some Good News

Today, I heard a bit of good news. One of my admins on the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival page were able to replace the offensive header and profile images with graphics which were a lot more appropriate. Unfortunately, they were only an editor on the page, so aren’t able to take full control over the page, or promote others to admins.

Another one of my admins has been in contact with Facebook about the page having been hacked, and will continue to communicate with them about the situation until one of us gets back control over the page. She is also going to explain what’s going on with my account. She was able to open a ticket when she reported the page, so she has a more direct line of communication than what I’ve been seeing.

Other than that, I am no closer to getting my account reactivated than I was yesterday. At least I have some hope that I might yet be able to get things straightened out, and that’s better than no hope at all.

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