Success Story from someone who gained back their Facebook Account

Here is a hopeful story from a blogger who had their account disabled, but then after a lot of work and reaching out to people finally got it working again.

Wednesday, Oct. 21. It was just another day in Covidland. Got up, made coffee, emptied the dishwasher, fed the cats, and sat down at the laptop. Checked email, then Facebook, as usual. And was greeted with the message, “Your account has been disabled.”

Sally Bahner, the blogger, noted that the deactivation had been applied against herself and three other admins of a political discussion group on Facebook. She recalled that “Our members are carefully vetted and we post articles from mainstream credible sources.” Overall, she sounds like an upstanding citizen of Facebook with some interest in politics.

She lamented everything she loss with the account which included ten years worth of contacts, photos, and multiple groups or pages that she administered.

Behner left no stone unturned as she reached out to Facebook; tapped into her network of journalists; filed complaints against Facebook with the BBB, FCC, and FTC; and reached out to media including the Washington Post and Rachel Maddow.

It took two months, but she finally get her account back. It’s not clear in the blog post which strategy actually lead to the restoration of her account, but perhaps it was the combination of attempted communications. As Sally points out, sometimes the squeaky wheel does get the oil, and maybe the trick with Facebook is that you must be as loud as you can be.



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